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Spartacus Foundation: Igor Purlantov

It would be silly to call Igor Purlantov’s charity his pet project, but the foundation is named for his cat, Spartacus. For Igor Purlantov, his devotion to animal rights is something to be taken seriously. His deep dedication to the protection of animals is what prompted him to establish the Spartacus Foundation. The mission of the foundation, according to Igor Purlantov, is to provide services and donations to various animal charities and shelters across the United States and Europe.

Igor Purlantov is a vocal supporter of the good work that various humane societies perform throughout the United States. He is pleased that his foundation can help support the efforts of others who share his compassion for animals. Shelters and rescue centers are sadly in need of ongoing and increased support. Often shelters and rescue centers have more animals than they can handle. Igor Purlantov hopes that people will be generous in supporting these centers.

Igor Purlantov has found another way to raise awareness of animal issues. He uses his Twitter account to speak out and share his views on animal rights. Twitter is a innovative way to help promote animal issues across a large forum.

Igor Purlantov wants to remind people that there are many ways to become involved in improving the life of an animal. Here are some of his suggestions:

  • consider adopting a pet; either from a shelter or a rescue group
  • refuse to support puppy mills, know your breeder
  • volunteer with an organization that promotes respect and care for animals
  • make a donation; blankets, food, time, and monetary gifts are all wonderful gifts to animals
  • report abuse if it is witnessed

Igor Purlantov believes that even a small gesture can have a huge impact in the life of an animal. He hopes that he can help raise awareness and inspire people to become active volunteers and advocates for animals.


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