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Animal Care Activist Igor Purlantov Opens Spartacus Foundation

Igor Purlantov has dedicated much of his time and effort to fighting animal abuse. He has written articles and blogs on the topic and has spoken out against the atrocities. Next on Igor Purlantov’s list of ways to help our furry friends is developing a foundation that can directly help those who fight the cause against animal cruelty.

The Spartacus Foundation grew from Igor Purlantov’s desire to help. Named after his beloved cat, the Spartacus Foundation aims to help by raising animal cruelty awareness and donations for charities dedicated to helping and protecting abused animals. Their goal is to put this problem out in the open, to raise awareness of what’s really going on.

Igor Purlantov has a soft heart but is firm in his stance against animal cruelty. He is excited to invest his time into the Spartacus Foundation. He believes the foundation will help many agencies and non-profits in their fight against animal cruelty. Igor Purlantov knows he can help and encourages others to join him. He will continue to write on the subject to bring as much attention as possible to the cause.

Igor Purlantov’s love for animals started as a young boy, but it wasn’t until his freshman year at the University of California at Berkley when he discovered that activism works that he decided to take animal abuse up as a cause. After seeing firsthand what neglect and abuse does to an animal, he had to take out his frustration. It is then that Igor Pulantov began to write on the subject, filtering his frustrating in a positive way.

The Spartacus Foundation hopes to save many animals’ lives. Igor Purlantov understands it is our job as responsible citizens to take care of these animals our society has domesticated. They need our help now, more than ever.


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