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How Igor Purlantov Became a Global Real Estate Expert

Over the last two decades, Igor Purlantov has established himself as one of the premiere real estate portfolio managers in the United States. But what may be even more impressive is his ability to make noise in the global market as well. Igor Purlantov has found profits across the Atlantic, delving into European markets with an uncanny amount of success.

Igor Purlantov started his career as a capital markets lawyer before co-founding a real estate fund to invest in the Las Vegas market in early 2000. He managed this portfolio for the better part of eight years, before exiting for opportunities in Europe. During those eight years, Igor Purlantov was one of the few people willing to be bullish in the Vegas market. Because he was, he was able to reap huge benefits. He also knew when to get out. Starting in 2007, Igor Purlantov took a bearish stance in the market and warned people of an imminent collapse. That collapse would come a year later in 2008.

After his experiences in Las Vegas, Igor Purlantov managed portfolios in Eastern Europe. He eventually sold these as well, but still has his feet in European real estate to this day. In 2007 he was a part of organizing one of the largest next generation telecoms in Europe.

Currently, Igor Purlantov is investing in and managing more real estate portfolios than ever. Igor Purlantov has investments in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. But don’t expect him to settle down anytime soon. Igor Purlantov is predicting that markets like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami are going to once again become ‘hot markets.’


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