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Igor Purlantov Working Towards Setting Lolita the Orca Free

Igor Purlantov, the very successful real estate investor, also has a passion for animal rights. For the past decade he has been involved with different groups, even starting his own foundation. The Spartacus Foundation was started by Igor Purlantov in order to provide financial contributions and services to animal rescue agencies. In addition to spending time with the Spartacus Foundation, Igor Purlantov has been heavily involved with the initiative to set Lolita the Orca free.

Lolita is a 20 foot, 7000 pound whale living at the Miami Seaquarium. Igor Purlantov says she has been there for more than 40 years now. She was taken from her home in the northwest Pacific in 1970 by a capture organization known as Namu Inc. Lolita was one of seven whales sold to different marine parks across the United States.

As a man passionate about animal rights, Igor Purlantov has been one of the major supporters for setting Lolita free. Igor Purlantov believes that she should be returned to her home in the Pacific, where her mother still lives at eighty years old. Not only is she being kept from her natural habitat, but she is being held in an aquarium not nearly big enough for her. Lolita lives in what is called the Whale Bowl, a 60x80x20 foot tank.

Igor Purlantov is optimistic that enough support can be raised to free Lolita. He dreams of the day when she is returned to Washington State and reunited with her pod. Igor Purlantov has helped start and manage initiatives involved with this process of freeing Lolita, and he does not plan on stopping until she is let go.


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