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Factors Contributing to Popularity of Animal Law Practise

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate with a deep concern and understanding for the welfare of animals around the world. He works hard to raise awareness on issues like animal abuse, neglect and poaching to make people aware of human cruelty toward animals that takes place every day. He puts a lot of effort into reminding people of the great value animals bring to our lives.

According to Mr. Igor Purlantov, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people becoming interested in animal law. Many successful businessmen and women are donating large amounts of money all over the United States to support animal law programs. This money has encouraged universities all over the country to run programs on animal law. Animal law curriculum is being taught in around 120 universities all over the country. This highly accelerated campaign to teach animal law coincides with increased sensitivity and awareness to saving and protecting animals. All these factors encourage more and more people to study and practise animal law professionally.

According to Mr. Igor Purlantov, animal laws are noticeably seen in almost all aspects of law such as administrative, constitutional, criminal, disability, environmental, international trade, torts, and trusts.  In recent times there has been a change in the way people view their pets. There is an enormous increase in the sensitivity in people’s hearts about taking care of their voice less animal friends. They often treat them more or less as their own children. There is also an increased general resentment toward people that engage in animal abuse, poaching and senseless brutal treatment of animals.

All these factors have contributed to more people using the law to solve these problems. Mr. Igor Purlantov believes that all of these factors are positive changes toward protecting animals. With an increase in compassion toward animals, there are now more people studying and practising animal law to help animals.  As more people take interest in these issues, there should be greater improvements in the laws that seek to protect animals.  Finally, speechless animals have a voice to speak up for their rights.


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