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Effective Animal Therapy in Treating PTSD

Igor Purlantov is an animal rights advocate that cares about animals around the world, especially those in need. Igor Purlantov is a respected animal philanthropist that seeks to raise awareness of animal rights and well being. He has invested a lot of time and dedication to studying various methods of providing a better quality of life to animals.

Mr Igor Purlantov has been closely studying cats and dogs for a very long time. He has found that lots of research confirms that having a pet dog not only gives companionship and security but is also useful in treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to Mr Igor Purlantov one out of five military personnel returning from war zones suffers from PTSD. It can include anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness and flashbacks and may eventually lead to suicide. Studies show that use of animal therapy on such patients has provided wonderful results. Eighty percent of patients show improvements in their condition.

Mr Igor Purlantov says that these companion animals are very useful in treating stress, anxiety, depression and panic disorder. Cats are also very useful in reducing cholesterol levels, triglycerides and loneliness while dogs contribute to increase physical exercise, outdoor activities and improved social life of the person taking care of them. If a patient has a pet with them, then they will have the responsibility of taking care of that pet. In order to take care of that pet they have to follow a schedule which can be very helpful in treating depression.

Clarissa Black a successful animal behaviorist and trainer has started a program called Pets for Vets. This program takes companion dogs from local rescue groups and trains them before handing them to the patient suffering from PTSD. These animals are very useful to help military people live a civilian life and to return back to normalcy.

Mr Igor Purlantov believes that animal therapy is beneficial for both the patient and the animal. These abandoned animals from shelter homes get a second chance in their life. This program leads to decrease rates of euthanasia and thus provides these animals with a second chance at life as well.


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