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Adopting a Pet is One of the Best Things You Can Do

If you are thinking of bringing a pet into your home, you should consider adopting one instead of buying says animal rights advocate Igor Purlantov.  There are so many advantages that come with adopting instead of buying a pet.  Rescue groups and shelter homes usually have a large variety of amazing animals looking to be adopted by loving families.  These animals are all looking for a family that can take care of them as their own.

Here are some great reasons why you should adopt a pet rather than buy one:

Adoption Costs Less

Buying a pet costs more because of the expense that has gone into breeding the animal and the profit making nature of breeders.  Adoption on the other hand costs less and is usually handled through a non-profit organization that is more concerned with finding the animal a forever home than making a profit says Igor Purlantov.

Helps to Stop Over Population

Shelters and rescue groups usually have a large amount of animals that they have taken in says Igor Purlantov. They have either found them wandering on the streets or have had owners turn them in just because they did not want to care for them anymore. Since this has been a problem for many years, when you adopt a pet instead of buying one you help curb over population. It is also important to spay or neuter your pet although this is usually already taken care of by adoption shelters or rescue groups according to Igor Purlantov.

Lives Are Saved

When you adopt a pet, you have saved a life because most shelters are overcrowded and some shelters euthanize their animals when they are out of space to house them. You will have also made room for other animals that need to be taken in says Igor Purlantov.

Second Chances Are Given

Most animals that are in shelters are not only healthy but also trained and well mannered.  Most of them were only let go because of various circumstances that occurred outside of their control according to Igor Purlantov.  Some of these circumstances include a new baby in the family, a divorce, or a family moving.  Sometimes people think that taking care of a pet is easy and then they find that out that there are a lot of responsibilities attached to them and thus they change their mind. The above mentioned circumstances are what causes most shelters to have many animals that are perfectly healthy and well trained says Igor Purlantov.  Shelters also offer a wide variety of cat and dog breeds of all sizes and ages as well as other animals that make great pets.

Adoption Gives You History On The Pet

When adopting a pet from a rescue group or shelter home you are able to get an accurate history on the animal.  Whereas when you purchase an animal from a store you have no background history or information on the animal says Igor Purlantov.  Even if the animal has a health issue, it is unlikely that the store has any information or will disclose it to you.  Shelter homes and rescue groups on the other hand will provide you with all the information you need and help you as much as possible as they are invested in finding a good forever home for the pet.

You Get a Mixed Breed

The chances of getting a mixed breed when you adopt are higher than getting a pure breed according to Igor Purlantov.  Despite what some people may believe, pure breeds are known to be very expensive to care for because they are usually prone to developing health problems such as breathing difficulties and enlarged hearts. Mixed breeds are thus considered healthier and are more likely to live longer lives.

Given all of these reasons, it is clear that adoption is the best way to go when looking for a pet says Igor Purlantov.  So the next time you decide to bring a pet home into your family, please consider visiting a local shelter home or rescue group first so that you can give an amazing animal in need another chance at life.


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